We have reclosed due to state regulations.

We will reopen when the county moves to Phase 4

Social Distancing
and Limits on Capacity

We have made changes to our layout to allow for social distancing. We are limiting how many booths are used and only allowing two people to accompany each player. We ask that each group remain in their booth area until the playing time is over.

We have enhanced our
sanitization procedures!

We have always maintained extremely high sanitization standards, but for your safety we have added a CDC approved disenfectant to our cleaning regiment! It is effective to kill germs and bacteria, but safe for your family!

VR Game Booths

Choose from over 50 of the top Virtual Reality Game titles! Step in to one of our seven VR booths and immerse yourself into the world of Virtual Reality!

Tower Tag

Step into one of our VR Booths and compete against your friends in a intense game of Virtual Reality Tag!

MissionX Free Roam VR

Experience Free Roam VR! Put on a headset and move around our VR Arena as you compete in a virtual reality game of Laser Tag!

Choose Your Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual Reality games and experience that provide fun for ages 8 to 88!

Top Games: Arizona Sunshine

Fight of zombies in this popular multiplayer game!

Top Games: Beat Saber

Test your dance moves as you swing sabers at virtual targets!

Top Games: SuperHot

An award winning first person shooter games where time moves only when you move.

Top Games: Gorn

A little on the gorry side, but a very popular fighting game.

Are you ready to experience Virtual Reality?